If you have a condition or disability that affects your mobility and you use a mobility scooter there may well be concessions available for you to take advantage of.

Road Tax Exemptions

Firstly you or they could be entitled to a free road fund tax disc given the following instances;

  • A disability is defined by someone getting the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (Now also known as the Personal Independence Payment)
  • A War Pensioners Mobility Supplement
  • An “invalid carriage” (this includes vehicles such as powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters intended for use on the roads)

Road tax can also be known as car tax or vehicle excise duty.

To obtain car tax free of charge the vehicle must be registered to the person being looked after and not necessarily the actual person driving it but can be registered in your name if you are an officially designated carer. It can only be used for the benefit of the person with the disability, such as taking them to and from places to do their shopping. You and any other nominated drivers cannot use it for your own personal needs.

How to and where to apply;

If you are receiving the higher rate of mobility component of the DLA or the person you are caring for is then you can get a free tax disc. You need to apply for a Certificate of Entitlement to the DLA, this now replaces the DLA404 Certificate and the Exemption Certificate. You apply to the Disability Living allowance Unit (DLA) Warbreck House Warbreck Hill   Blackpool FY2 0YE or you can telephone them on 08457 123456. The certificate is useable year on year so needs keeping safe.

Once you have the certificate you can apply at your local post office but you will also need you Vehicle registration document and fill in section 7 as ‘disabled’ and take with you your insurance certificate and a current MOT certificate if the vehicle in question needs one!

Remember if you have a road going mobility scooter that is capable of being used on the roads (not just crossing them) you do need a Road fund Licence (Tax Disc) and whilst this is free of charge you still are required by law to display such. If you do not you are committing a road traffic offence and can be stopped and questioned by the police and possibly charges and fined. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Later this year when Road Fund Licenses will no longer need to be displayed you will still need to have your mobility scooter registered with the DVLA.

A final though insurance is not compulsory for mobility scooters but you would be advised to make sure you have cover just in case!