It is funny how sometimes we are reluctant to do something that costs nothing.  For instance  if you own a mobility scooter it is quiet possible that you are not insured, either to use it or in case of an accident. You will find that most suppliers of mobility scooters, will when you purchase from them, provide you with 3 months insurance completely free of charge.

Though it is not a legal requirement to have insurance for a scooter it is actually a very sensible idea. If someone steals it or damages it in a way that leads to either a replacement or costly repairs how will you fund it? Sensibly if you take up the offer of the 3 months free insurance then anything like this can be covered. Obviously once this period of free cover runs out you will need to actually but the insurance from a reputable firm but you will find that the cost is relatively low in comparison to how much it could save you.

Imagine if you are in a supermarket and accidentally run in to another shopper and  perhaps break their leg. With no insurance you would be liable for any costs that  person incurred and also to any compensation that they or their solicitors may claim from you and that could run into thousands of pounds, so make sure you get the strength of  the insurance companies around you!

Having insurance applies to everyone  using a mobility scooter but there is another requirement for those using what is known as a class 3 mobility scooter (called Invalid Carriages under the law) and that is the displaying of a tax disc or road fund licence. This is supplied free of charge by the DVLA who offer full details of how to apply for one on their site.

If you are using a road going scooter you are required to have a tax disc on display in the same way as car drivers and other motor vehicles. If you do  not display one you could be fined £80.00 for a first offence and it is possible that your mobility scooter could be seized by the police and you would then have to pay a fee to get  it released, failure to do that could lead to it being crushed!

So you can see how doing nothing could cost you a lot