Stairlifts have been around for many years in various forms, being a practical and economical solution for physically disabled or elderly people to move freely around their homes.

The most obvious and crucial benefit to begin with of installing stairlifts in North Wales homes is the freedom to move around said home, without the need to consider relocating to a more accessible property.

Quite often, people who develop accessibility issues will have to move away from their current home; ridding them of familiarity and friendship from neighbours the area they have grown fond of. Having to move home due to accessibility issues would cause major problems and added stress for occupants who may be disabled or elderly.

The versatility of stairlifts is another beneficial feature to be considered. They can be fitted to literally any staircase, whether they are straight, spiral, curved or even outdoors. The track follows the line of the staircase to allow for precision accessibility.

Powered by electricity, several models also come with a battery that is continuously charged during normal day-to-day use. This dramatically reduces the risk of becoming stuck during a power cut, which can lead to an incredibly uncomfortable wait for anyone requiring the use of a stairlift to access an upstairs toilet.

Controls found at the top and bottom of the staircase can call the stairlift to whichever floor you may be on, removing the chance of being stranded in your own home. The hand control or joystick provides simplicity when controlling which direction you need to travel.

With the addition of secure seat belts and track sensors to prevent damage to the carriage from potential obstructions, the stairlift is truly a worthwhile and beneficial feature for any person who may have difficulty with mobility or accessibility.

Worrying about the safety of physically disabled or elderly loved ones can be drastically reduced with a safe, functional and efficient stairlift.