Swivel recliner chairs, Stair lifts, mobility scooters and riser beds are fantastic products – but can be expensive. How can you save money?

When buying mobility products there is a great variety of choice to choose from; these expensive but crucial pieces of machinery can cost a lot of money. You need to be saving at every opportunity as to ensure you get a good deal. All the while not sacrificing safety quality of product or integrity. Mobility products can greatly improve the quality of life, whether its a stair lift, swivel recliner chairs, adjustable beds, or anything else,  having added maneuverability adds new dimensions to a person’s life. To give you a hand on how to save cash when in your search for products, we’re giving you a few tips on how to save cash while still getting the mobility products that you need.

Consider buying second hand

A refurbished stair lift can cost as little as 2/3rds of the costs of the overall price of a new model. When buying second-hand equipment, you should make sure that it’s in proper condition and fit for purpose. Safety checks are an incredibly important part of this. It’s also important to check the age as it will be easier to find replacement parts for models younger than two years. Another option is to think about renting mobility aids for example if you are recovering from an accident this will not only reduce the cost, but it also means that if you no longer need to or want it then the rental company could offer the service of removing it for you, however renting is only suitable for short term problems.

Shop around

It’s worth exploring the market and shopping around. It’s not all about the price, reputation and good customer service is an undeniably important aspect to consider, if you have any friends who use mobility aids ask them for advice, their experience and recommendations. There are plenty of suppliers who have a good reputation when it comes to customer service. Buying a swivel recliner chair at bargain prices from a recognised seller is surely worth the time. 

Look for Grants and Bursaries

The third thing to do is to look for grants and loans to help you pay. Government Grants are available to assist with the purchase of essential mobility aid products. If you already receive Disability living allowance at a higher rate for mobility you could use all or a part of it to obtain a scooter, utility the ‘Motability Scheme’. Other potential charity options include The Mobility Trust and AFTAID.

You may well find that you are eligible for assistance in living with your specific needs. If you struggle financially to afford your mobility products, this shouldn’t impair your ability to have enough money to get the help that you need to get your swivel recliner chair.