As we get older, the more we find that we become dependent on others for support in our homes. This might be due to health issues or even just the typical aches and strains that come with old age but we can easily feel the once small things in life such as getting out of bed or showering, are now becoming the bigger things which take more time and energy. However, there are plenty of mobility aids out there which can make our day to day lives much less strained and less dependent on others, giving us the peace of mind we need. Here are some of the things that can make the biggest difference to your life.

Stair Lifts – It’s no secret that stairs soon become one of our biggest daily challenges, especially when it means carrying items down the stairs or needing to make multiple trips to an upstairs toilet. Stairlifts North Wales can be our saving grace in this instance; taking away all of the strain of getting up and down your stairs. You might be surprised to know that, they can be adapted to suit most stairs, without needing to make any changes to your home. They are incredibly strong and compact and can be fitted in a matter of hours.

Riser Recliner Chairs – Whether it’s due to health issues or not, we certainly need more resting time when we get older. We might find that we need to sit down often for small breaks between tasks, which means having to find the strength to lift yourself out of your chair more often. GFA riser recliner chairs can be helpful in giving you that comfortable ease into and lift out of the chair you need; great for weak or achy joints.

Adjustable Beds – An adjustable bed is a perfect answer for those who might spend more time in bed each day. Circulation issues and swollen ankles mean that you might have to raise your feet above your head for a period of time. Or perhaps you like to sit up with ease to watch television or eat in your bed. These are all the benefits of an adjustable bed that can make resting much easier.

Rollators and Walking Aids – Rollators and walking aids, can give you the confidence you need whilst getting around the home or the local area. Particularly if you have balance problems or joint weakness, you will need something to lean on almost all the times. The modern rollator is very sleek, sturdy and discreet with added breaks and a seat for comfort and reassurance.

Bathlifts – Bathing can be a tricky situation when you’re prone to slipping but still want reassurance whilst maintaining your privacy. A bath lift can be a great help if you don’t want to change your bathroom, helping to ease your into and lift you slowly out of the bath, under your own control.