You may never have purchased a double adjustable bed before, so you might not know exactly how they can be of use to you and your health. The truth is that adjustable beds offer so much more for your health than helping you to get in and out of bed. Lower back pain for example, is a common problem for many, young or old. This is often caused by poor posture or poor support from your seating or mattress. Single adjustable beds are developed to give you the healthy posture you require whilst resting. And when we think about spending 1/3 of our lives in bed, it certainly highlights the importance of a good quality mattress that keeps you in a healthy sleeping/resting position that’s suited to your body.

Maybe you need a different lying/seating position throughout the day or night to keep your arthritis feeling much more manageable? Well, one of the many benefits of your adjustable bed is that you have the versatility to choose a position to suit you. You’re never fixed to the same position. And for those who find that they are spending more of their time in bed with their ailments, an adjustable bed might give them a more comfortable lying position which could help prevent bed sores with the regular movement it provides. On the other hand, better quality rest might mean the user, might have more energy throughout the day, with eased pain.

Good quality adjustable beds can even assist with breathing issues. For a start, they often use hypoallergenic materials that are less likely to cause a reaction in people with allergy issues. Those with asthma in particular, often find that it can be eased with the right posture, support or sleeping position. Your adjustable bed can help you find a more comfortable position that will offer more relief during the mornings and evenings when most sufferers find difficult.

An adjustable bed can be of great ease to people who suffer from swollen legs and feet. For people with this ailment, the most highly recommended treatment it to keep legs elevated during resting periods. Your electric bed won’t just raise the top half of your body, but your feet and legs too (or solely) to encourage good circulation.

If acid reflux is a problem for you before bedtime, your adjustable bed will allow you to stay in a comfortable right position until you’re ready to fall asleep without having to get out of bed and disturb your sleep further.

Speak to mobility products 4 u about the range of adjustable beds available and how each might be able to help you based on their 50 years of experience in the industry.