BodyEase have been an established mattress manufacturer for over 25 years with a fantastic reputation for delivering comfortable, high quality products. Their specialist range of adjustable, power assisted beds is growing, combining the latest technology and materials to give you the best night’s sleep.  Find out about the different options from the essentials range and who they might be suitable for.

The three new options from the ‘Essentials Range’ offer comfort and style, whilst supporting the natural shape of your body. Produced in the UK to the highest standards, the range ensures lasting shape and comfort with control at the touch of a button.

The Conquest Range

This range, available in a range of colours and sizes has been specially developed to give you lasting comfort and support. It offers up to five folding options for mobility ease at the touch of a button.  The reflex mattress is ribbed and completely filler free to work with well with the shape of your body.

The Elite Range

Designed for the most comfortable rests, The Elite range uses a memory foam mattress to offer relief to pressure points. The structure of the memory foam mattress is known to have many orthopaedic properties, shaping to the different contours of the body and distributing body weight evenly. This is particularly beneficial to those of us who are easily wake in uncomfortable sleeping positions.

The Finesse Range

This range allows you to raise the mattress to the desired position for superior ease of movement and comfort at the touch of a button. The pocket sprung mattress is designed to give you more ‘bounce’ than the elite, for weightless comfort and cushioning.  With over 500 individual springs secured in their own little ‘nested’ pockets, you can expect a super comfortable sleep. Hypo allergenic with super soft Viscose finish.