Electric adjustable beds move and bend in order to offer the user a choice of sitting or lying positions. There are a huge range of adjustable beds on the market, and this article will help you understand how to buy the best adjustable bed for you. 

Before Buying an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds don’t come cheap, so it’s important to think carefully before you splash out and invest in one. 

  • Get advice; if you suffer from a complex medical condition or have changing health requirements, you should seek out advice from a healthcare professional such as an occupational therapist or community nurse about which bed would suit your needs. 
  • Bed features; make a list of all the features you require and want. Don’t forget, the more features that the bed comes with, the more expensive it’ll be – there’s no point in paying for features that you won’t use. 
  • Try before you buy; as with any new bed, you should test out an adjustable bed for comfort before you buy. Have a lie down, a good retailer will understand the importance of this. 

Where to Buy From?

You can buy a single adjustable bed from some high street furniture stores; and you can also buy them directly from specialist mobility stores. There are also a number of online retailers who have a wide range of adjustable beds with more features.

If you already have a long-term, progressive health condition, think about ‘future-proofing’ your adjustable bed purchase. You might not require a fully adjustable bed now, but it may be worth investing in one that can be adapted in the coming years to keep up with your health requirements. 


Adjustable beds are going to cost more than standard beds. The bigger the bed, and the more features that you opt for, the more the price is going to increase. As a conservative estimate, here’s what you might expect to pay for each size of adjustable bed (prices include both the bed and accompanying mattress):

  • Single adjustable bed: £400-£1,600
  • Double adjustable bed: £700-£2,200
  • ‘Dual’ double adjustable bed: £1,200-£2,400

Many electric adjustable beds also come in king or superking sizes; you can expect to pay more for these options. 

Questions to Ask

  • What features does it have?
  • Can you try before you buy?
  • How much does it cost? Are there additional delivery/assembly costs?
  • Are the mattress and base compatible?
  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • Is there a weight limit?
  • Will it fit into my home?