It is a beautiful morning here and the sun is shining brightly and so  thinking of spring & summer I decided to read again this very important leaflet produced recently by Sonya from at leanonus. It gives details of the dangers of Carbon monoxide Poisoning with regard to Barbeques and the use of them but is aimed at youngsters to actually get them to tell their parents.

It is always difficult to get important messages across as we are all bombarded with so much information without taking into account the hundreds of adverts we all see every day, but as the old saying goes “out of the mouth’s of children” and so it is sensible to make them aware of the dangers that can follow on a happy day outside at home or on a camping weekend away, this way hopefully they will be able to nudge ‘mum & dad’ into being more sensible and circumspect as to where and how they use Barbeques, of and patio heaters as well!

It would be very good if this information and this leaflet could be reproduced by every school throughout the whole of the United Kingdom and arrange for it to be circulated before the schools break up for the Easter holidays this year, that way the information would be fresh in the minds of those very sensible young people when they go away for a short break.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer and this is because it is not visible is tasteless and odorless but can have dramatic and devastating affects on people, the first symptoms are drowsiness and headaches then aching bodies almost flu like before perhaps vomiting , but that is if you are lucky for a lot of people it happens more quickly and can cause death at its very worst or heart lung and or brain damage  in other cases!

NEVER EVER be tempted to move a warm BBQ into enclosed areas such as a caravan or a caravan awning just because it is getting chilly as this is when the fumes are at their greatest. Our sister site supplies wheelchairs and mobility scooters but we would not not like to be selling you one because of a few moments carelessness after an enjoyable day. Please be careful and read the leaflet!